About Me

About Me

Hi, I’m Jan Hinrichs a 24 year old electrical engineering student and passionate electronic hobbyist. My projects usually are a result of practiacl need or interest in new technology. They range from analog electronics, digital circuits, microcontroller firmware to desktop or mobile applications.

As part of my masters degree study in electrical engineering at the TU Darmstadt, I currently do an internshipt at HBM. I’m especially interested in electrical metrology. Besides my study I worked as student associate at the institute for electromechanical constructions and I’m an active member of the Sailingteam Darmstadt.


Design, contstruction and analysis of analog and digital circuits. From computer simulation and breadboard prototyping, pcb design and pcb manufacturing to operation.


Software development in C, Java, Labview and HTML/CSS. Ranging from firmware for microcontrollers (STM32, ATMEGA, ESP8266) and desktop application development using LabView and Java to mobile application development for Android devices.


Ranging from sensor selection and development, doing measurement series – partly automated with LabView to measuremnet evaluation.